Alcohol Abuse Essentials


Alcohol Drinking Problems. Millions of people throughout the world engage in irresponsible and excessive drinking and exhibit alcohol drinking problems. Such drinking behavior is known as alcohol abuse.

A lot of people apparently do not realize that binge drinking, which is a special form of alcohol abuse, can cause the person's body to shut down and stop functioning. This is known as an alcohol overdose or alcohol poisoning.

In short, binge drinking, in some instances, can result is the loss of an individual's life.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Though most people in the industrialized countries has heard about alcohol abuse, more than a few individuals have asked the following question: exactly what is alcohol abuse?


Alcohol abuse is a drinking pattern that frequently results in one or more of the following during a twelve-month time frame:

  • The experience of recurring alcohol-related legal difficulties (such as multiple DUIs)

  • Ongoing alcohol-related relationship issues

  • The failure to attend to important responsibilities at school, work, or home

  • Alcohol-related physical injury

If you abuse alcohol you are a "problem drinker" and you may be gambling with your life. How is this possible, you ask?

Not unlike what happens when people abuse other drugs, many individuals who engage in binge drinking, who drink irresponsibly, or who on a regular basis abuse alcohol sooner or later may become alcohol dependent.

To be more specific, the more a person continues to binge drink and abuse alcohol the more likely he or she will eventually become an alcoholic.

In short, when a problem drinker starts to crave alcohol, builds up a tolerance for alcohol, loses total control regarding drinking, and experiences alcohol withdrawal symptoms, he or she has made the regrettable transition from alcohol abuse to alcohol dependency.

What Is Binge Drinking?

The term "binge drinking" has become so commonly used that is worth asking the following question: what is binge drinking? Binge drinking is defined as having four or more drinks at one sitting for women or five or more drinks at one sitting for men.

Why is binge drinking dangerous and extremely unhealthy and why does it lead to severe drinking problems?

Not only does binge drinking significantly increase the risk of serious injury or possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, but it can also result in alcohol poisoning (also known as alcohol overdose), an outcome that can be deadly.

Unfortunately, once alcohol abuse starts, the behavior, in many instances, continues and can lead to the chronic, long-term negative consequences that are characteristic of excessive drinking.

Also unfortunate are the number of documented cases of alcohol abuse among pre-teens and teenagers and the alcohol abuse that takes place on college campuses.

The bottom line is this: binge drinking IS a form of alcohol abuse that can result in alcohol poisoning which in extreme cases can be fatal, even if the bingeing takes place "only" a few times per year.

So, the next time someone asks you "what is binge drinking," you can say that binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse that is characterised by a male having five or more drinks at one occasion or four drinks at one sitting for women---and point out that binge drinking can result in alcohol poisoning which can result in the loss of one's life.

Alcoholism Videos

We have included some alcoholism videos so that you can see and hear directly from various people about their struggles with this disease.

If you, a family member, or one of your friends has a "drinking problem," seeing what others have gone through and how they attained successful recovery is much more "real" than any information you can read about.

Furthermore, watching these videos may help you understand what others with alcohol drinking problems are experiencing. So make sure you look at these excellent videos!

Conclusion: Alcohol Abuse Essentials

What is alcohol abuse? Alcohol abuse can be defined as a pattern of drinking that commonly results in one or more of the following during a twelve-month time period: the failure to attend to important responsibilities at home, work, or school; ongoing alcohol-related difficulties; alcohol-related physical injury; and the experience of recurring alcohol-related legal problems (such as multiple DUIs).

Due to the fact that abusive and excessive drinking can eventually turn into alcohol dependency, it is important for all "problem drinkers" to get immediate professional medical treatment.


Some individuals have heard about "binge drinking" without knowing exactly what it is. These are the people who openly ask the question: "what is binge drinking"?

Binge drinking is a form of alcohol abuse that is characterized by the following: a male having five or more drinks at one sitting or a female drinking four or more alcoholic beverages at one drinking occasion.

Some people seemingly do not realize that drinking excessively even a few times per year is dangerous and is in fact, a form of alcohol abuse.

The danger in getting drunk "only once or twice" per year is this: even though the excessive and abusive drinking may be infrequent, this type of drinking (known as binge drinking) can result in a fatal alcohol overdose.